Monday, May 24, 2010

Too much of a good thing....

Be prepared to read about something quite tragic.

My favorite jeans ripped yesterday.

I guess eating all that ice cream from Gerards and frequenting the new Buffalo Wings and Rings place has caught up to me. I'm sure the knafa and schawarma also had something to do with it.... when I stepped on the scale for the first time in....awhile.....I wasn't too surprised that all of those delicious things added a few pounds. Thankfully, it's not really noticeable. Or at least it wasn't until I tried on my favorite pair of quite snug fitting jeans.

I hadn't worn them in about 2 months so I thought I'd give them a shot. Yeah, they were a little snug but as women around the world know, all you have to do is wiggle and stretch a little. In no time, they will be fitting more comfortably and won't look so...painted on. As I was moving around, I heard a riiiiip sound. Crap! I looked down and sure enough, I put a rip in the crotch of my favorite pair of jeans. Bugger. This was a first. I'd like to partially blame this tragic incident on the fact that they were worn out since I wore them so much.

The moral of the story is that I'll be saving some money and doing my arteries a favor by laying off the Gerards an all that good stuff. I guess I should have taken the hint when one of Gretchen's students, whose father owns Gerards ice cream, told Gretchen that her Dad had seen us on the security camera about four times. In one week.

My next trip will be to the tailor as I'm quite sure that walking around in tight jeans with a rip in the crotch is kind of frowned upon. Especially if you are in the Middle East.


  1. Heather,

    As you said in the previous blog, when you're feeling down a milkshake helps to lift your spirits - time for a milkshake?



  2. Anonymous5/28/2010

    HAHAHAHAHA - that is hilarious. Can we please re-do the story and say that you were out on the street when the pants ripped??? I think it would add extra flavor to the story :-D

  3. It would add extra about I go out on Rainbow street in the evening when it turns into 'shababville' and pretend to notice it then.

    Mom,unfortunately I'll have to save the milkshake for when my jeans fit properly again. However, a schawarma and fries still sound good!