Sunday, May 23, 2010


When you are sick or feeling down, some things are just guaranteed to bring a smile and some comfort to your day. My list always included a get well with from a friend, milkshakes, a good laugh and a hug. Now my list includes adorable get well notes from kids.

Recently, I had a cold that made me blend in well with my students. I was always coughing, using kleenex (Fine for those here in Jordan) and had watery eyes. Upon noticing this, one of my students wrote me this get well note:

Dear Miss Heather

Slamtek, I am really feeling bad for you. don't shout or hurt your throut and take the madisson that named (Stripcells) it will make you feel better.

lots of love

anonymous adorable student (of course, here the student actually wrote her name)

I especially love the spelling of 'salamtik'. Salam means peace in Arabic, but in this case, it appears my student is wishing that I be slammed upon. Honest mistake of course, and it sure did bring a smile to my face!

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  1. Awww; so sweet! Adding 'tik'/'tek' to a word makes that word 'you.' So, she was wishing You, good health (literally). (my sister-in-law kept getting 'sick' this year- a ploy more than anything else directed towards her finance in my opinion- and every time she would get a bunch of people writing this)