Friday, May 28, 2010

Organized Seating and Dust, Dust, Dust!

It's dust season here in Amman. It's so dusty, that I could barely make out the skyline this morning. At first, I wondered if it was fog, but after a quick look at my dust covered table and laptop, which is had just cleaned a few days before, I realized it wasn't fog at all. It kind of makes me think twice about opening the window. Fresh air and a dust covered apartment or a a slightly warmer, cleaner apartment? Tough choice.

Another quirk of Amman is the seating in movie theaters. It's so organized it's almost baffling. When you go to the movie theater, you can choose where you want to sit when you buy the tickets, similar to the procedure of buying tickets through Ticketmaster for a concert or play in the US. Some friends and I went to see Robin Hood last night, and while we were searching for our seats, we were greeted by a guy with a flashlight who took us right to our seats. It's nice to have someone help out, especially if the theater is so full that you can't find your spot. It's just surprising when compared to other things in Jordan.

For example, the driving. I know I've mentioned this before, but the driving here is....pandemonium. People honk their horns constantly and lanes don't seem to apply here. Driving around the circles seems like a game of bumper cars except not quite as fun.

It has occured to me that someday I might need to drive here but I keep putting that thought in the back of my head. I just can't seem to muster up the courage quite yet.

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