Monday, May 31, 2010

Odd things that are somehow...normal

There are still times when I casually notice something that seems out of place. Not necessarily out of place here, but out of place compared to what I have for so long considered the 'norm'. While walking around my neighborhood today I saw a woman in her seventies wearing a bandana on her head. It would have been totally normal if there weren't skulls on it.

I noticed a ten year old boy getting out of the car which normall doesn't turn heads. Except he came out of the drivers side, had keys in his hand and there was nobody else in the car. As Gretchen pointed out, no wonder everyone here drives crazy. When you learn how to drive at ten years old with little instruction. That said, they do have drivers education here. I know this because the drivers ed. cars look like taxi's and I tried to hail one last summer. I'm glad the car didn't stop.

Another odd thing is salon experience which I think I've touched on before. It never ceases to amuse me (or annoy me, depending on my mood) that when getting my hair done, the hairdresser is sumultaneously involved in other activities. Such as disciplining her two sons who are in the salon, talking on her mobile phone, answering the business phone, taking bites of schawarma from one of her sons or going outside to see what the commotion is. There is also the issue of tending to multiple clients at once. Whether it's a cut, style, color or threading eyebrows, she's on it. This is just part of the charm of Jordan, and although sometimes it drives me batty, I know someday I'll miss it.

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