Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Jordanian Salons

The first thing you should know about Jordanian Salons is that you will be there for a long time. This is not because they spend more time on your hair, but because they are catering to approximately three different people at the same time. This is normal. The second thing to know is that it is normal to see people smoking while getting their hair and nails done. This is still weird to me, coming from the US where you can't smoke anywhere. Third, the person doing your hair will stop what he or she is doing if his or her cell phone rings. Then they will either excuse themselves or continue cutting your hair while talking on the phone. This is also quite the shock coming from a place where phone etiquette is very strict. I always fear being the one person who forgets to turn off their phone while it rings during a meeting, movie, etc. I don't even answer the phone when I'm out to dinner in the US because I consider it to be rude. Here, it seems to be considered rude if you don't answer the phone at any given time. Something else to get used to.

While getting my hair highlighted and cut today, I experienced all of the above, and more. Have you ever had the foil taken out of your hair at different times? I sat down thinking that I was going to have all the foil taken out at once; but when only part of one side was taken out and I sat there for several minutes waiting for the woman to come back, I began to worry. What if one side of my head was lighter than the other side? I know I've had some weird hair colors and zany ideas, but this was over the top. Even for me!

She finally came back and took out the foil on the other side and....disappeared again. What is going on people? I don't want to have freak hair!! She comes back about 5 minutes later and does the rest. I enuire about this odd timing and find out that they are taking out the foil in a timed manner to make sure it has all set the same amount of time. Ohhhh.....I get it!!! They are being efficient, not trying to make me look like a laughing stock. As it turns out, my highlights are pretty darn cool. Hair is a bit too short but that's my fault. When it gets really shaggy, I tend to over exaggerate how much I want cut off. If anyone even says I look like a boy.......

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  1. I actually like getting my hair done in Jordan- it's so much cheaper and I think they do a good job on me! :) I do always go with my sister-in-law, but thankfully the staff usually knows enough English to more-or-less get what I want...
    We usually get our nails done at the same time; I'm not so into this, but always find it interesting to watch the other women getting their nails done (and kids).