Wednesday, November 4, 2009

A Middle Eastern Halloween

Oh blog, how I have missed you. Since teaching took over my life, I forgot all about you blog!

I'm back! And I'm finally getting the hang of this teaching thing, hoorah! It's amazing what I learned in two to teach, how to make a lesson plan, how to manage a classroom, how to grade, where to find teaching resources and other things. Of course, I still have a ton to learn, but at least I don't feel completely helpless, frustrated and completely overworked. I'm actually starting to enjoy teaching now, even on the days I come home exhausted. It has it's drawbacks, like waking up at 6 am. Who could EVER picture me waking up at 6 am? I will wake up early for two things; money and food. So waking up early to have a good breakfast and go to work isn't all that bad. Painful sometimes, yes, but I'm getting used to it.

I had the pleasure of seeing all my kids dress up in Halloween costumes. They were absolutely adorable. There were a lot of witches and princesses but also more creative costumes like a punk rocker, a boy (this girl wore 'boy clothes' with a keffiyeh on her head) a clown, a pumpkin (also too adorable) a 'gypsy' and more. I didn't have the energy and didn't want to spend the money on a Halloween costume this year so when I heard the suggestion of one of the teachers to dress up as a student, I went with it. My 'costume' consisted of brown pants, a white dress shirt, a green headband, lots of stickers on my shirt and a piece of paper I safety pinned to my shirt saying 'Ahliyyah School for Girls Grade Four, Class 4 A'. When I asked my students what they thought my costume was, more than one student said "You're a sticker!"'m you!!! I tried.

There were two Halloween parties that I went to, both of which were great fun. At both parties, something I had went missing....I went to get my favorite green sweatshirt and I realized it wasn't where I left it. So I figured I would take a look around the place and see if someone was wearing it. Sure enough, within a minute, I saw some guy I didn't know wearing my sweatshirt. "Umm....give me my sweatshirt back" I said. "Oh, sorry...I was cold" skinny mystery boy said. That's ok, just give it back. I wasn't actually upset, it was rather amusing. I saw the same guy walking around later wearing a blanket. I guess he really was cold. Why else would a guy wear a bright green sweatshirt with the words Love Pink on it?

The second party had a more depressing ending. My phone fell out of my pocket and I was freaking out because I had parent teacher conferences the next day and I use my cell phone as my alarm clock! I left the party without having found my phone but luckily I remembered I had a travel alarm clock so I took the batteries out of the tv remote and I was good to go. I made it to the parent teacher conference a little tired but it was a success. Unfortunately some jerk decided it would be a good idea to throw my phone in the toilet. Seriously?!!? I would be upset if someone stole it and was actually using it. Luckily, when i went to Zain, my phone company, the guy gave me a free phone which is just as nice as the one that went toilet diving. That made my day!

When I was at the phone company, these two guys came it offering the employee and I some coffee. I particularly needed caffeine that day so I tried it. Let's just say that fresh mint and coffee don't mix. I made myself finish it because I didn't want to be rude. I did not ask for more.

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  1. Anonymous11/13/2009

    Go, you! Sorry to hear about your phone but I'm glad you were able to get a new one. And who just randomly picks up a sweater and puts it on?