Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Teaching Expressions

I found out today that teaching expressions is great fun. I realized this the minute I said "Elena's cheeks are soft as a baby's butt". They all started cracking up before I had the chance to ask them what it meant. In my last class of the day, I think I had students tell me at least ten times, "teacher, you are soft as a baby's butt!" Well, a compliment is a compliment right? I was also told that I'm a piece of cake. I think they might have missed the point on that one. Or maybe then meant that they are as excited when I walk into the classroom as they would be if they were about to eat a piece of cake. But I doubt it.

I busted out laughing out loud for the first time in one of my classes yesterday and they apparently were so amused they started telling their teacher how much they liked me, etc. One of the girls got stuck in her sweatshirt....her arm was coming out of the hole where her head should have been and she was caught in a really funny position. I went to go help her when this situation was brought to my attention. "Teacher, Leen is stuck in her sweatshirt!" Well, I couldn't successfully free her from the sweatshirt and between the girls smile and the rest of class already amused, I laughed so hard I cried. And several students informed me that I was red like a tomato. So now I'm a piece of red cake (maybe red velvet) that is as soft as a baby's butt. Awesome.

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