Wednesday, December 9, 2009

I Just Want Water....Really!!

Nothing has ever made me appreciate water more than simply.....being in Jordan. When I was in a shop the other day, the owner was telling me that America is nice because there is water and a lot of green....there is not a lot of water in Jordan. Exactly, or bizzabt, as they say in Jordan. Yesterday was the fourth time that the water in our apartment ran out. You kind of get used to it and just hope that if the water runs out, it's close to the day when your tank will be refilled. Fortunately, we ran out yesterday afternoon and our water gets refilled on Wednesdays. Unfortunately, I was taking a shower when the water ran out. Luckily there was enough water trickling out of the faucet that I didn't have to come out of the shower a sudsy, bubbly mess.

Lets just say, I've gotten used to taking 'bucket baths'. It's actually not so bad. I just take water from the big blue jug in the kitchen. I then heat it in the hot water kettle, put it in a big pot and add some cold water so I don't scald myslef. I then merrily go to the bathtub (hey, at least I'm able to get clean) with my pot o' water and cup. IIt's like being in India all over again. Except here there actually IS a shower here.

After we ran out of water yesterday, we raced to buy some bottled water and we ordered a blue jug of water from the water business across the street. Since we just moved, it was our first time ordering water from this place. I figured that it would be a good idea to give the guy my phone number in case he couldn't find the apartment. I tried to explain it in Arabic but....wasn't sure how successful I was. As it turns out, my phone number came in handy; they called when they were arrived outside of the apartment and said 'marhaba, water delivery'. Awesome, I'll be right there! WATER, Yaaaaayyyyy!!!!!

The down side is the mysterious phone call I got from a woman who wanted to know what my name was, where I worked and where I lived. Ummm......who are you?! She kept on mentioning water so I asked if she worked at the water company. She didn't. She kept going on about water so I said that 'I want water today at 2:30'. That's when I was expecting the water to come and my Arabic is not at all that sophisticated. Well, we weren't getting anywhere so she put her daughter on the phone. She asked me what my name was and how I was doing....which is fine. She told me I have a beautiful name and then proceeded to ask me, mulitple times, 'where do you live?' Ok, I'm annoyed. "Who are you?!", I ask. "Where do you live?", she responds. I'm passed back to the mom at which point I tell her that I don't understand and will hang up the phone. So why is some woman calling me asking me all of these questions and mentioning water every five seconds? Well, the only thing I can think of is that she's married to someone who works at the water company...and found my phone number, immediately jumping to the wrong conclusion. Do people usually give their phone numbers to the water company? I don't know actually but I take a guess at how things work here in Jordan and usually it works out alright. I'm not trying to get with anyone's husband. I really just want water.


  1. ..'bucket baths'.) its cold these days to make one

  2. Heather, Considering I have an unlimited supply of water for showers, cooking, etc., I have a feeling my water bill will skyrocket when you are home for Christmas!! A small price to pay for having you home. I'm counting the days! Love, Mom

  3. hmm! very interesting, I'll ask my roomate and see if that is normal:)