Sunday, June 6, 2010

Tribute to Ka'ik Sim Sim

Ahh....ka'ik sim sim. This is a photo of the 'do-it-yourself' ka'ik sim sim table where you can add eggs, cheese, salt and za'atar. The tomato is actually mine, I brought it to the place myslef. It's only a 20 second walk from my apartment so I'm sure I didn't look like that much of a freak walking down the street with a tomato in hand.

Some of you may be wondering what is so special about this. There are four things.
1. It's super fresh.
2. It's zaki and delicious.
3. It's extremely cheap.
4. It's very filling.

The great thing about getting ka'ik from this place is that you get it fresh out of the oven. So fresh in fact, that you have to wait before cutting it. Sadly, my morning ka'ik came to an abrubt halt when we had to be at school earlier, but since there is only one more week of school left, the good old days will be back soon.

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