Friday, June 11, 2010

I really should be sleeping...

It's true. It's a Friday night and I should be sleeping. Why? Because I have to work in the morning. I have an odd work schedule, it's true. Tomorrow is the last day I'll have to wake up early on a Saturday morning morning to go to work. Allelulia.

Back to the topic of sleep. I should be sleeping but have found it hard to fall asleep for several days now, thanks to a nightclub right by my apartment. This nighclub is on the second floor, has crap insulation and opens every single window, allowing every music note to go blasting through the neighborhood. I often hear Amr Diab as if I have a radio playing in my room. The ironic thing is that I really like Amr Diab's music and really thought it would be cool if clubs in the US played similar music. Well, now I'm here and I get to hear it all the time which isn't all bad. Just not at midnight when I'm trying to sleep. If I get addicted to sleeping pills I'll definitely sue the club. Those kinds of lawsuits probably don't happen here which is why I'll introduce the concept of bat crazy lawsuits.

In light of the recent frequent and annoying events, I've decided to take action. I'll become a contributing member of the community by filing a complaint. Yep, the 'ejnabeeay' is going to march her little short blond haired self over to my neighborhoods residential association to politely request that something be done about the incessent music.

I was thinking of having an information sheet and petition written in Arabic and going around to get signatures from people in the community. I haven't formally introduced myself to a lot of people here and I think it would be a great way to make new friends. Or make people laugh and have them think I'm really lame and odd. It's a start!

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