Wednesday, June 9, 2010

I Have an Address!!

I've almost been in Jordan exactly one year and am thrilled to report that I finally have a mailing address. When Gretchen and I checked before, we were told that it would be months before a P.O. Box would open up. I'm pretty sure we were put on some kind of waiting list, but we never heard anything about a spot opening up.

While I was at the post office the other day to pay our electricity bills, I asked if there were any P.O. Boxes available. Expecting to hear something along the lines of 'come back in a couple months to check' or 'let me put you on a waiting list,' you can imagine how shocked I was when he immediately started to fill out the paper work to get everything set up. For just $18, I am the proud owner of a P.O. Box. Now I can actually get mail!!!! Not that I'm expecting to get much, but it's nice to know that I have the ability to get mail. Cheesy postcards from random places including Toledo will be received with pleasure :-)

Before, I hesitated to even have something sent to either of the apartments. I did receive some mail at the first apartment, to the amazement of one of my roommates. Another package was 'lost, missplaced, or melted in the heat' and and when I moved to my current apartment, I didn't bother. Apparently street signs were just put up a few years ago. When I had to write down my address the other day, there was actually a box listed 'Next to' along with the street name and building number, etc.

I'll have to compile and share the random ways addresses are written here. I certainly appreciate the way it's done here. When you have a sense of direction as bad as mine, you really begin to appreciate the use of landmarks.

Next mission, get a bank account so that I don't have to keep all my money in an envelope. Did I just admit to using an envelope to keep all my money in? Did I just end a sentence with a preposition?

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  1. Hey Heather I have stumbeled upon your blog and it is great to know someone else from Toledo, Ohio lives here in Amman. Yes I was born and raised in good ole T-town. I have just moved here with my family to Irbid but will be re-locating to Amman in a few weeks. And if you ever want to eat some buckeyes I have a killer recipe.