Thursday, August 6, 2009

Sweets Update

Remember when I was complaining about the cake here? Well, my friend Ahmad was determined to prove me wrong so he took me to a place called Merwan to see if he could change my mind. I actually didn't end up ordering cake because there were so many other things that looked good so I got the blueberry strudel, he got blueberry cheesecake and we split the two. As far as the strudel and cheesecake go, they are pretty darn good so no complaining there. And if the cake there doesn't turn out to be as good as back home, I can always make my own cake (which I don't think I've actually done before) and top it with a ton of betty crocker frosting. Although our oven is....rather interesting with only one of the bottom part working so maybe I'll just skip the cake making expedition altogether. If I'm home for Christmas, forget turkey, just serve me a sheet cake!

So the photo doesn't have anything to do with cake obviously but I thought I'd put up something with food. After all, my family and friends know that food is usually the first thing on my mind....

1 comment:

  1. I'm amazed that from the last "cake" update, that you haven't received a shipment direct from Betty Crocker, a.k.a. your MOTHER of cake mixes, cookie mixes, etc. etc. etc. But if your oven isn't working, then that wouldn't do a whole lot of good anyhow! I'd stick with the cheesecake, for sure! I'm not a huge cake fan anyhow....

    ...and what are you cooking there, anyhow?