Monday, August 3, 2009

Barber Shops, Salons and the Cutest Kitten Ever

A couple weeks ago while driving around in Amman that the barber shops stay open pretty past 11 pm! There were a bunch of guys standing around talking and it occurred to me that maybe men here hang out at the barber shop like they do in cafe's.

I also noticed something peculiar about the salons. First, salon is often spelled as saloon, which I find rather entertaining. Hey, maybe the first bar/salon will open up here in Amman and then it really will be like a saloon. Would you like a martini with your manicure? The other thing I noticed, which struck me as odd at first, is that you can't see inside many of the salons. The windows are often completely covered and you have to ring a doorbell to get inside. You can imagine I was really puzzled the first time I tried to enter and the door was locked so I knocked on the door and just stood around hoping someone was actually there. Soon afterwords, the obvious struck me; the doors are locked and the windows are covered because women who wear the hijab wouldn't want anyone to be able to walk by and see their hair.

Now onto the adorable kitten.....the boys next door found a stray baby kitten and decided she needed a good home. They gave her a bath until the water ran black, got some kitten toys and made a makeshift litter box. Unfortunately my camera is broken or else I would take some photos of this adorable kitten and post them. Hopefully I can get my camera fixed soon because I've missed out on a lot of cool photo opportunities! That's all for now, more on random Jordanian things later....

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  1. Did you ever get your hair cut? I see the one picture where it looks kind of red in the back and blond in the front? Was that done at a "saloon" there? And is the kitten YOURS or just a neighbor kitten?
    I'm getting ready to go to Myrtle Beach with Shannon and Bill, and Shawn and little dude are meeting us there ... it's a FREE vacay for me, all I have to pay for is food, and I am so exhausted, I really am looking forward to it. Uncle Dale is in Chicago all week, so I've been managing the games all alone, so I'm worn out. Time to take Grandpa to the skin doctor this morning bright and early, then another game tonight. I can't wait until Thursday evening, when I'll be sitting at Shannon and Bill's relaxing and then driving on to the beach on Friday. Woo hoo! I'll catch up on your blog when I get back.
    Love you to pieces.