Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Sun, Ice Cream and Tanning

Yesterday I was outside talking with Melissa when I got all excited because I heard an ice cream truck. Well, I thought it was an ice cream truck until Melissa laughed and told me that she too thought it was an ice cream truck when she first heard it but as it turns out, it's a gas tank truck. These trucks used to drive by the houses and honk their horns to let people know they could come out and buy a tank of gas but as this constant honking was a nuisance, they were forced to change their 'arrival announcement' to something more pleasant. Incidentally, it sounds exactly like the ice cream trucks back home.

Driving from Amman to Zarqa today I noticed a sign that read "Amman Tanning". Now, why on earth would anyone feel the need to go tanning in Jordan? I mean, the forecast 360 days a year is 'sunny and clear'. I actually did look up the extended forecast and for the next five days it is going to be sunny.

I just learned that I get to try Mensef, the famous Jordanian dish, on Thursday which means that I get to eat with my hands, yay! The Daily Show is on, gotta go :)


  1. Can I get two scoops of gasoline with sprinkles?

  2. Maybe it's "reverse tanning?" Turns you paler? I love Tyler's comment.
    Did you get a chance to look at little dude's pics? I can't remember if you commented on my facebook or not.
    Started up Tigers games again tonight ... horrible storms all evening. The weather system was a gigantic super cell stretching from nearly Missouri all the way through Michigan and Ohio. It was amazing to see on the Doppler. Lightning show was very dramatic. All has calmed down now, but lucky me got to drive home through it all. Ugh. So imagine the humidity NOW. How is the "dry" heat? Like you expected?
    Love you!