Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Dryers are Better than Sliced Bread

I forgot to mention how much I miss dryers. It's not that the process of hanging up my clothes bothers me that much; it's that my clothes and towels are not soft fluffy and warm when they are done drying. When I got the towel off the drying rack this morning, I swear it was crunchy. And my t-shirts just don't have the same softness. Maybe if I rub a dryer sheet on all my clothes it will help?


  1. Do you use a fabric softener in the wash? That might help.

  2. I was just going to say what madsy said...try letting the fabric softner in the wash agitate a little, then turn off the washer for a bit and let your stuff soak in the rinse/softner water...then start it up again. That may help your clothes/towels absorb more of the softness. Just a thought. As far as your clothes being WARM...why would you want that where you are living? I would put my clothes on WET and COLD if I could, its been so hot here!!! Your photos of the Dead Sea were beautiful and fun. I made some comments on them. You'll have to blog about the MUD soon. Your breakfast pics looked absolutely YUMMY. XOXO!