Monday, June 15, 2009

Cheapest Person on the Plane

I thought I knew how to do something as simple as weigh a piece of luggage. I'm either horrible at basic math or the scale at home doesn't work. At the airport I realized that my luggage was 16 pounds over the weight limit and thankfully, my mom said I could charge the fee on her visa. "The card is for emergencies so you can use it now" she said. Well, if this is an emergency then my life must be pretty darn good.

We all know that nowadays some airlines charge extra for everything from the peanuts to the blankets. So when I was asked if I wanted anything to drink, I immediately asked "is it free?" This was met by a funny look and a "yes".

As I prepared for the long flight to Amman from Chicago, I got out my magazines, iPod and pillow before storing my carry on in the overhead bin. I tossed the magazines on my seat and the AARP magazine landed on top. The man sitting next to me glanced over and said "aren't you a little young to be reading that?" What can I say, there were some good articles in it. And I'll be the best prepared senior citizen on the planet when that time comes.


  1. Bummer about the overweight luggage, but I totally LOLled about you reading AARP on the plane. However, like you said, it's not that it's a bad publication, but like your flight companion, I wasn't expecting it. After all, you're not exactly their target demographic yet.
    Don't feel bad about being "cheap!" Flying is expensive!
    BTW, I did eventually get some of that ice cream with peanutbutter topping. We'll have to get some when you're stateside sometime so I have an excuese to hear all about your latest adventure.

  2. Hilarious about the AARP but wait!?!? Umm, I don't even read that magazine...what the heck? I'm probably missing something. Not that I like admitting I'm even WORTHY of a senior citizen mag, but I don't consider early 50's SENIOR, so the mag doesn't interest me ... yet.
    On another note, check out photos on my facebook of Eddie's adventures in Toledo. Took him to that safari park I told you about and a lighthouse as well as the botannical gardens yesterday. Got some wonderful photos of him!
    Also..remember what I told you about improving your vocab....New York Times crossword puzzles are the BEST. If you don't know the word, look it up, that is how I learn. Eventually, the challenge for me is to NOT look up the answers. I'm getting there. Love you.

  3. Very nice your new publication


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  4. Let's see if this works . . .

  5. Yay! It did! It's me, MaryAnn :)