Friday, February 5, 2010

Warden Message

The following is an e-mail I received yesterday from the American Embassy here in Amman regarding the celebrations for the Tawjihi test results. To put it into perspective, the Tawjihi is a huge comprehensive, nightmare of a test, that people take their senior year of high school. It pretty much determines what you will be able to study in University. For example, if you want to study engineering or become a doctor but your test score isn't up to par, it's sianora to pursuing te career of your choice.

Warden Message
"On Saturday February 6th, the Jordanian Ministry of Education intends to release the interim results of the high school exam (the Tawjihi). Families throughout Amman often celebrate when the test results are announced, and for some the celebrations are exuberant. Groups of young adults may drive around in cars blowing horns, and some individuals may shoot into the air. The direct threat is minimal, but traffic may be congested. Please do not be surprised if you hear shooting."
Since I've been living in Jordan for about eight months now, this gun shooting and youth acting crazy thing is an old hat. The only things that annoy me now are when I can't get falafel on Fridays and when I walk to the first circle to find that the cart holding the delicious contents of my daily breakfast sandwich isn't there. Gunshots and fireworks? So over it.

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  1. Is this past year the one where they messed up the test scores? It was either this year or last year... Talk about pissed off people!