Tuesday, January 26, 2010

When you just can't wait....

I was talking to a friend the other day about being sensitive to low blood sugar and being incapable to think of anything but acquiring food when I'm hungry. My friend said his brother is the same way and so his mother decided it would be a wise idea to carry a snickers or mars bar with her at all times so when his brother got cranky, she could give him something to boost his blood sugar. Apparently, this worked like a charm on Philip's brother and I thought....that's a really good idea! I can go from cranky and food obssessed to cheery and bright in ten seconds!

Keeping this in mind when I was at Carrefour the other day, I picked up a snickers bar, some cereal bars and a chocolate milk. I was already getting hungry when I walked into the store so had my mind set on some protein and something sweet.

By the time I hopped into the taxi on the way home, I was too hungry to wait so I drank the chocolate milk, thinking that alone would do the trick. It didn't, so I opened my box of cereal bars and dug into the chocolate banana flavored goodness. I still had a craving for something after this so I opened the snicker bar and decided to have a bite. Wow, it was good. And I hadn't had one in years so I decided to eat some more. After demolishing two thirds of it, I decided to save some for later and put it back in my bag. But then I kept thinking about how good it was and it was just sitting there calling my name. So I finished the rest.

I can only imagine what the taxi driver was thinking as the slender, blond ejnabeeay (foreigner) merrily ate junk food all the way home. Somehow I don't think it's every day that a taxi driver sees a woman desperately rummaging through shopping bags for a chocolate and protein fix. That food worked like a charm though so I'm considering implementing the 'carry a snickers bar or nuts, etc. with me at all times' policy.

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