Monday, August 23, 2010

Peace and Quiet During the Ramadan Heat Wave

There's a double whammy going in here in Jordan.  First, it's Ramadan so 95% of the restaurants and cafe's and bars/clubs are closed for the month.  Second, it's hooooot.  It's been 100 Farenheit or higher for the past week or so, and since people are fasting (not even drinking water!) that means not many people want to go outside.  Understandable.

The bummer is that there aren't many places to go during the day for people who aren't fasting.  Want to hang out at a cafe?  Good luck.  Want to have a nice lunch at your favorite restaurant?  ha ha ha ha. Now, there are some places open.  These are cafe's, restaurants, etc. that have a tourist license.  But there aren't too mnay.  After around 7:30, all the places are open (except bars) but if you want a place to have a cold drink during the day and get some air conditioning. good luck.  Living on the third floor of an apartment with no air conditioning and only a slight breeze, you can imagine how hot it gets.  My bedroom is like an oven so I opted to sleep on the floor in the living room.  Grab a yoga mat, a blanket and two pillows and hey, you've got a bed! 

The nice thing about the heat and Ramadan combination is that I can walk around my neighborhood and have the whole place to myself.  I could probably be singing and skipping down the street in a tank top and shorts and not be noticed.  Ok, well that's probably an exaggeration........but it is nice! 

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  1. It is indeed a bummer for people that are not Muslims or do not fast! What do tourists do? Where do they go?