Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Medical Tourism

I realized today that I made a big mistake in my preparations for Jordan. Always one to try and cover all of my bases and be prepared for everything, I thought it would be wise to make all of my doctor visits before leaving for Jordan. It would have been much cheaper if I waited to do all of this in Jordan!

The Jordan Times posted an article today about medical tourism in Jordan, citing Jordan as the most popular medical tourism destination in Jordan, followed by Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Israel. The health care here is great and a lot of the doctors speak English and are affiliated with prestigious American institutions such as the Mayo Clinic, Johns Hopkins and the Cleveland Clinic. Combine this with the fact that Jordan is one really cool place to visit and you have the perfect reason to pick Jordan as your medical tourism vacation destination! Some hospitals are even offering package deals including airfare. And it all costs less than 25% of what one would have to pay in the States for a major operation. Plus, you get to have a vacation afterwards....maybe swim in the Dead Sea, visit Petra, Wadi Rum, Madaba and more! And hey, if you like Middle Eastern food, you have added incentive. All the cheap hommus, falafel, schwarma, etc. that you could dream of.

So, if you are planning on visiting me in Jordan, it would be a great time to get sick or plan a major operation. And even if you weren't planning on coming to Jordan, consider coming if you have a major operation coming up. It's cheaper, more fun, and you'll be helping the Jordanian economy! Come on over, I'd be happy to be your tour guide.

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  1. I'll start working on my heart attack right away. NOT! Even though I'd LOVE to come and visit you. I just can't seem to get that money tree in my backyard to produce FRUIT. Miss you, glad things are going well!